Approved by FIFe General Assembly in 2002, Breed Councils came into effect on January 1st 2003. The Breed Councils are to be established for each breed in order to serve FIFe in an advisory capacity on breed standards, breeding rules and health issues. The Breed Council is to channel opinions and suggestions from the individual FIFe breeder through the Breed Council Secretary. The Breed Councils are represented at the General Assembly by the Breed Council Administrator. The new Breed Council Rules are valid starting from 01.01.2011. In April 2011.
 The Breed Counsil website is a tool to get into contact with the British Breeders united under FIFe
and maintain those contacts for the wellbeing of the British.
No need to say is that the members of the BC are passionate about British in their multiple recognized colours.  Together we hope to take good care about the British, in Wellfare, Health and the standard to protect and promote the British
Applications to become member of the FIFe British Breed Council should be sent to the club in which you hold FULL membership using the application form on the FIFe website.
We hope you enjoy our website and find it useful and informative. For any additional info you may need, please don't hesitate to contact our Breed Council Secretary




Nathalie Smits (NL)
Cattery Blue Eldar
Breed Council Secretary - [email protected]


Mrs.Henny Bok (NL)
Cattery Cabriole

Mr. Ad de Bruijn (NL)
Cattery de Broeckloni

Jessica v Toorenburg (NL)
Cattery Seta d’Argento

Bogomil Roshev (BG)
Cattery Vagabogo
BC webmaster

Petra Snajdrova (CZ)
Cattery Royal Angel


Zuzana Hunadyová (SK)
Cattery Von Hunady

Candice Dragota (RO)
Cattery Candice Cats

Lucie Pankova (CZ)
Cattery Honorable

Emilia Varisco (I)
Cattery La Corte di Artù


Dorota Szadurska (PL)
Cattery Agilis Cattus


Bobby Funk (DE)

Cattery Vale of Proud


Anna Wijbrands (NL)

Cattery Eek A Mouse


Anna Honkanen (FI)

Cattery Feronian


Jennie Härsjö Lundh (SE)

Cattery Forever Loved


Ana Celia Lopez de Prado (ES)

Cattery Dos Aguas


Karoline Seidelt (PL)

Cattery Kabrirus


Kateryna Ovanesian (UA)

Cattery Fantasy Fiesta


Patrick van Ottevaere (BE)

Cattery House Haidely


Mrs Angelien Hogenboom



Marcel Frank (NL)

Cattery Union


Gudrun Schwing-Gilliard

Cattery Of west Ashley


Esben Jørgensen (DK)

Cattery Chalina


Monica Venturato

Cattery Orsetti Ingles (IT)